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In fact, a group of mostly anti-Vietnam War songs, including one titled "Oh, I Wish I Were a Dove," made him a seventh-grade celebrity, and since college the year old has been composing obsessively and prolifically. The gifted composer comes from an equally talented family.

A Journal of Contemporary Poetry

Gordon's sisters — Susan, Lorraine and Sheila — also boast impressive resumes. His eldest sister, Susan Gordon Lydon, who recently died of cancer, was among the first group of women to attend Yale University, and she eventually became the editor of London Life, helped create Rolling Stone Magazine, profiled celebrities for The New York Times, and was a co-founder of the Women's Movement. Sister Lorraine Garnett, now a yogi and psychic healer in Virginia, was formerly a jazz electric blues guitarist, who was part of the all-women's band Goldflower.

And, youngest sister Sheila Wolff, says Gordon, is "an extraordinary painter.

The creative team comprises set designer Allen Moyer, lighting designer Robert Wierzel and costume designer Jane Greenwood. The genesis of Gordon's Orpheus dates back to when clarinetist Palmer, a fan of Gordon's work, asked the composer if he could commission a piece for singer, clarinet and piano. I have to tell the story of Orpheus and Euridice! I went into the dining room, and I could see the piece. In the piece Todd was Orpheus, and Orpheus played the clarinet.

Orpheus Ascending: Music, Race, and Gender in Adrienne Kennedy's "She Talks to Beethoven"

Gordon's writing of Orpheus became a way to deal with his lover's illness. In my version Euridice doesn't get bitten by a snake; she gets a mysterious virus. There's a line, 'As she slept, he wept bitterly and dearly, growing more and more bereft, as in increments she left. What was supposed to be a seven-minute clarinet piece was now a minute song cycle, and the question that resulted from this change was, "Where are we going to perform it? By bringing movement to it, I think it's something that will give it a different take. A few months ago, a work session with Varone was held in New York with the three soloists and Varone's dancers.

So, what he had to do was put Elizabeth [Futral] into all the sections he had made. You would have thought that Elizabeth studied with the American Ballet Theatre her whole life.


She's very beautiful and very thin, a beautiful opera singer with a beautiful voice. All he had to do was show it to her once, and she was in the piece.

You could feel something happen that day in the room. Everybody became really excited about Elizabeth. Like Salman Rushdie, Nick Cave, Rilke Cocteau and Tennessee Williams before him, John Gibbens recasts the Orpheus myth in contemporary terms, this time in a strangely altered version of the London music scene in the late s, a retro—future where violent unrest meets government backlash and where pastoral idyll becomes a precarious refuge from the perilous currents of history. It is a book about music, love and Fascism.

Moving and menacing. A skilful and distinctive poet for our time. Add to this a passionate lyrical impetus and a gift for formal variety and inventiveness — Gibbens is the real thing. Add to basket. He has made a living as a copy typist, a typesetter, a copytaker and a subeditor.

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He was deputy editor of The Oldie in the s, and has written a column about second—hand books for the Sunday Telegraph. His poems have appeared in numerous journals and in several anthologies. He lives in London. Website designed, built and maintained by KDWebDesign. Basket Items: Total: View Basket.

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Orpheus Ascending. Over the post the bird had graced a calm Round moon inched up from its branching niche.

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Parallel, tilted, recurring reflections Beguiled the short journey, and the petals Fallen from dwarfed ostentatious cherries, Bleaching and drifted on the suburban Ways he walked. Piling himself a plateful, He sat down in the feast—littered kitchen. He glimpsed her for the first time by the door, Hesitating, looking in; quizzical, Timid, and dark—complexioned as the wren Out of the garden night.

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The light tussle Of bracelets accompanied her quick four Steps between the pairs of silenced men Reluctantly resuming as before. Paul studied her smooth profile as she leaned Over to help herself — then turned to bear His inspection frankly for an instant. Fumbling his fork, taken unaware, He scattered rice on his chair.

As he gleaned And binned the grains, he thought a slight, distant Smile was on him — amused but not unkind. London shows to the ebb of day that blackens the spire—crowned skyline her moment of tranquillity, her regal mood. Iniquity goes on yet, innocence is forced, the five—year—old child undresses for the video camera, and worse takes just a moment's thought.