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I could have lived with a boring, dragged out book about a speshul snowflake doctor and her apparent ability to heal the dying with ideas of positive thinking and positive energy.

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I could have lived with the awkward dialogues and monologues. I could have lived with some of the random tangents, or the fact that nothing really happens in this book to forward anything. Never mind, maybe I couldn't really have lived with all of that. But I would have just shrugged it off, gave it a 'meh' rating and moved on. But the conclusion was just so forced that you could tell we were struggling to figure out how to wrap things and up, because not only was the conclusion rushed, it also made no sense whatsoever see spoiler above. Before I read this book, I was actually looking forward to it, even with my previous, less than enthused ratings for the first two books in this series.

But now I'm definitely sure that I won't be continuing with this series anymore. As a side note, there were still quite a few typos and editing errors throughout the book, even if not as bad as the first book. Apr 16, Kelly rated it really liked it Shelves: ebooks , read-in I really like the world that Dale Mayer has created with this series.

Psychic Visions

It's a bit dark, a bit bloody and I like that the characters have to feel their way through their abilities. Maddy has the medical training to back up her particular skill and she uses it wisely. However, she's hampered by the rest of the world's distrust and misunderstanding of what she can do. Yet, those she treats show results and this gives her a bit of leeway in the medical trial she's conducting.

Probably the only thing i I really like the world that Dale Mayer has created with this series. Probably the only thing in this book that gave me pause was the way everyone seemed to be sexually attracted to Maddy at first. It was borderline creepy with some of the characters and added another level of tension to Maddy's investigation.

I will say that Dale Mayer kept me guessing right up to the end as to who was involved in the deaths of Maddy's patients. Yes, I'm a aware that I'm not a good guesser when it comes to these types of things, but I enjoyed trying to untangle the threads of this mystery.

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Murder, mayhem, energy manipulation, and psychic visions kept me on my toes. Drew and Maddy's chemistry made me purr. I love that Stefan is the common thread that runs between the books in this series and I'm kinda excited about the hints that were dropped about his future. Sep 03, Pamela rated it it was ok Shelves: reviewed. I found the last two books to be very disappointing.

Apr 15, Cintia rated it really liked it Shelves: supernatural , romance , mystery-thriller , paranormal , female-male-couple , suspense. I really loved this one. I loved the theme and the message, and I was going to give it 5 stars, but towards the end, there were several mistakes - typos, extra words and even characters' names in wrong places or switched.

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It seemed like the end wasn't edited, and kind of rushed, too. I got this rushed end feeling in the other two books from this first trilogy box, and that's a pity because the stories and the characters are really good. I hope Ms. Mayer fixes these issues so they don't get in th I really loved this one. Mayer fixes these issues so they don't get in the way of her great writing. Here, the book won't let you forget the title. I think each page has words 'Maddy's floor'. Maddy is a doctor and a medical intuitive she sees the energies of her patients among other things. Everyone wants to be on Maddy's floor because people get better there.


They are even willing to use blackmail, threats and whatnot to get what they want. The parts of the book that describe that are beyond boring because ther 0. The parts of the book that describe that are beyond boring because there are too many of them. There is so much talk about that special floor it made me want to scream.

One of her patients is a former police chief, the hero's uncle. I am writing this more for myself really, so I'll know why I rated this book with one star.

The man is horrible. Most of the other characters are not developed enough. Detective - good and handsome, Maddy - good and beautiful and a bunch of other things , nurses - capable, CEO - a sort of a vulture, etc. Maddy is gorgeous, talented, goodness personified and so special that she even makes a gay man question his sexuality for a moment. Yes, I typed that. Since my rating mostly depends on how the book entertained me and how well it held my attention at the time of reading, this one didn't do that well. I couldn't get into the story and I didn't like the characters either.

View all 4 comments. Sep 08, William Cheney rated it it was amazing. In just over 2 weeks, I finished a number of Dale Mayer books including the Psychic visions series of which Maddy's floor is one of; the Vampire in denial series including Sian's Solution and It's a Dogs Life. I love her books, the only other author I have read like her is J.

Can't wait for the next Psychic Visions book that is supposed to be out in October. In the mean time I am working my way through the rest of her collection. Jul 24, Gail rated it it was amazing. I loved this book.

Review of The Awakened Psychic

It was free the other day on Amazon. Boy am I glad I got it. I loved the characters. I loved the whole book. Now I am going to get the first two books!! I LOVE finding new authors.

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Awesome read Jan 24, Linda rated it liked it Shelves: read-mystery-intrigue , read-psychic. Overall, I liked the story and the characters, but there are a couple of things that bugged me which is why I rated it 3 stars. I'm still not sure I get what is going to happen with "Sissy". They figure out she is behind everything, but does that mean that the drugs given to her has pretty much vegetated her or is that a temporary solution? And if temporary, then what? Also, was Dr. Cunningham syphoning off energy or just Doris?

I'm not sure that was clear. The Overall, I liked the story and the characters, but there are a couple of things that bugged me which is why I rated it 3 stars. The other thing is Drew and Maddy's relationship. Most of the book was spent on developing Maddy's Floor, that their relationship was really secondary. I'm still also unclear on how Doris learned so much about using energy the way that she did. Some are soothing, like Maddy's, but others are darker, but still provide a benefit.

I really liked Maddy because she was such a good person without any overt issues to overcome. I was fully engaged in the story and waiting for Maddy and Drew to figure out who was behind it. We the readers knew to a certain extent, but the clues took awhile for Drew and Maddy to decipher. I've already invested in the next 3 books, and am looking forward to reading them. Sep 03, Judy rated it it was amazing. Especially when one of her patients die on the third floor—Maddy's Floor. She needs to prove her experiment that people can heal while on her floor.