Hot Hits, Cheap Demos: The Real-World Guide to Music Business Success

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Skip the soul-sucking, brain-numbing clutter found in music theory and jump directly into your music! This DIY book and three-hour audio course were written expressly for aspiring songwriters, players and producers. The approach is clear, accurate and fun - never dumbed down or theoretical.

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Included are readily understood explorations of:. Author Bill Gordon is a Berklee graduate with a forty-year career playing, composing, recording and teaching music in every conceivable venue, allowing him to present the structure and architecture of music in a practical, humorous way that can be put to immediate use. Braheny's tome is now in its third edition, no doubt owing to its accessibility, thoroughness and practicality - not to mention all of the updates needed to explain new digital technologies and the music industry's constant shape-shifting.

As suggested by its title, the book addresses both the craft of songwriting itself and the goal of getting paid for doing it. But breadth - in this case - doesn't mean lack of depth. Craft and Business doesn't just stick to the more obvious topics. The first half offers advice and exercises geared toward helping songwriters glean ideas from all manner of sources, find their natural speech patterns, come up with better titles, beat writer's block and collaborate successfully.

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The second half details everything from copyright law to getting past "no unsolicited material" policies. The book may not be able to guarantee a string of high-profile cuts, but it does provide a detailed and reliable road map for the journey. In its First Edition, 6 Steps to Songwriting Success provided novices hoping to pitch their songs to artists other than themselves an easy to understand, step-by-step approach to mastering those elements consistently found in hit songs.

Incorporating inspiring anecdotes from the author's own success story and instructive quotes from music industry professionals, as well as 30 effective exercises for practicing, honing, and expanding one's songwriting skills and helpful checklists for objectively accessing one's strengths and weaknesses, the book offered a concise analysis of the six steps essential for songwriting success.

Updated, substantially revised, and expanded, the Second Edition increases the book's relevance for performing songwriters writing primarily for themselves or their bands. The revision reflects industry changes since the First Edition, such as the advent of MP3s, the increase in music sampling, and the fact that CDs have replaced cassettes as the industry standard for presenting material. Fifteen new or significantly revised exercises are also included, as are new quotes from industry professionals. Finally, the Appendix has been completely updated to present the most comprehensive and up-to-date listing of songwriter resources available.

Writing great songs is not enough. To make money, songwriters need a firm, realistic grasp of how songs generate income, and how the songwriting business works. This Business of Songwriting is the first book to demystify the process of doing business as a songwriter. Author Jason Blume is a songwriter, music publisher, and educator whose songs are on albums that have sold more than 50 million copies, topped international charts, and are in top television shows and movies.

A chapter about writing and marketing music for television and films explains the process of "clearing" music, and the functions of music supervisors and production music libraries, as well as offering resources for reaching these decision-makers. This handy guide provides everything you need to know to go pro, including information about personal managers, music attorneys, business managers and booking agents, record companies, AandR, publishing, songwriting, demo tapes and press kits, self-promotion, and much more.

A must for all musicians! Achieving "hit writer" status has always been a formidable goal for any songwriter.

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Never more so however than in the 21st century. Catching the ear of the monumentally distracted, fragmented listener has never been more difficult. Getting their attention, inviting them in to your song and keeping them there for long enough for your song to become "their song" requires more than being just a "good" songwriter. Murphy's Laws of Songwriting "The Book" arms the songwriter for success by demystifying the process and opening the door to serious professional songwriting.

Hall of fame songwriter Paul Williams said in his review of the book "If there was a hit songwriters secret handshake Da Murphy would probably have included it. Written by an attorney with over 30 years of experience in the music industry, Music Publishing: The Complete Guide is the definitive manual on music copyright. Whereas many books on the subject are aimed at artists and songwriters, this book will serve as a thorough guide for industry pros, lawyers, and music business and law students.

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Subjects covered include copyright; performing rights organizations; mechanical, synchronization, and print licensing; songwriter and composer agreements; publishing administration and foreign sub-publishing; production music libraries; pitching and placement companies; sampling; and much more. The discussion also delves into historical perspective and current trends and revenue opportunities in the evolving digital marketplace.

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Easy-to-read narratives explain the key points for all of these types of deals. There are many sample agreements included in the book, all annotated in simple terms that explain the often complex contract language. There are also links to copyright and publishing resources, listings of foreign performance and mechanical societies, and anecdotes and case studies from real world incidents.

If you're looking for a thorough grounding and go-to reference book on music copyright, not just a quick crash course, your search is over. Yes, your band is a business. This book explains how to: find the right manager; buy, insure and maintain equipment; get gigs and get paid; tour on a budget; and so much more. This book is for everyone who dreams of placing a song on the Top charts Outlining the step-by-step process it takes to get your songs heard and ultimately recorded, "Your First Cut" allows you to discover how far along you are in that process, where you need to go and how to get there.

One Hundred and one ways to spot what's wrong with a song - along with expert instruction on how to fix it! Songwriters Pat and Pete Luboff cover it all, pointing out pitfalls and supplying solutions every measure of the way. The Musician's Handbook investigates the realities of the music business behind the glamorous fantasy world often portrayed in the media.

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