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dead to rights

An updated and expanded edition of the bestselling Quarterly Essay How did the banks run wild for so long? About the author. Format: Paperback Size: x mm Extent: More from Richard Denniss.

See more. You might also like. Most people - and certainly most parents - agree with Tubridy.

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Having watched the teenage climate activist, I was no longer thinking about the climate. I was thinking about how childhood anger is a manifestation of anxiety.

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With a psychiatrist as his father, the late Patrick Tubridy, Ryan may be more alert to this. The broadcaster was suddenly the world's worst; some sinister hybrid of sexist climate-denying curmudgeon. It was risibly suggested he was "trolling" Greta. The censorious call came up: He must apologise!

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  6. For what? Commentating as a commentator? Airing a concern? Others got personal and wondered sneeringly if he was patronising to his daughters.

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    7. The notion he was earnest wasn't considered. It's Tubridy - he's hardly turned into a monster overnight - but the sanctimonious do-gooders dismiss the possibility of goodness in others.

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      He could have ceded to the mob - an easy option and so far businesses, politicians and media have bowed down when they should have stood firm. He could have apologised in the face of spiteful threats of boycotts and their next stage, advertiser pull-outs. He would not - he simply clarified what he had said for those who wilfully misinterpreted it the first time. Perhaps not being on Twitter went in his favour. It meant he had the clarity to see what was actually the majority opinion, not what was wrongly perceived to be.

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      Just because you're being "shredded" on Twitter doesn't mean you're wrong. It's more likely you're right. Ryan Tubridy's refusal to abase himself to please an imaginary crowd should be a turning point after confused hypocrites on social media have dominated for too long - while in the real world, few agree. We have a duty to be true to our views instead of cowering in fear of non-conformity.

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      If we don't, it has important implications at social level, linked to some of the worst events in history. Billy Keane Is it possible to be an innocent young girl when you are gone past the 70?

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      Kathy Donaghy The yogi's path to inner peace is currently not a smooth one. Ancient wisdom could not have foretold that in the space of a few weeks storms would engulf the popular practice. Ian O'Doherty One of the oddest encounters I've had in recent years came during a debate with an English lad who was head of a high-profile group of vigilantes.