40 REMEMBERED: (The 40-year History of the Beaver Dam Senior Center)

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It also gives the goalkeeper the opportunity to save balls waist height and above with their hands while freeing the legs and feet to prove useful on low, hard, driven finishes. This extensive dialogue got me thinking about just how much the position has changed since I played it not so long ago, and even more from when said mentor played it.

The position continues to evolve in so many ways as the rest of the game changes around it. At the time, goalkeepers with great feet were the way of the future and now it has become a necessity of the position at nearly all competitive levels. I have heard arguments for a high starting position, an aggressive stance where the goalkeeper eliminates attacking threats before they happen by clearing balls with their feet. I have heard other coaches who argue that goalkeepers have the best chance to make the most number of saves by remaining close to their line and allowing for a greater amount of response time.

I have heard coaches who believe that if a ball is not caught, the save is not nearly as successful, and others who have graduated to practically strictly parrying technique. Low dives in particular have started to morph as goalkeepers around the world are implementing a single-handed extension reach with a trap from the second hand versus a two-handed approach, as seen below. As a former goalkeeper and now college goalkeeper coach, what I can tell you is this: there is no one singular answer as to how to play the position.

I know that may sound like an obvious answer, but among GK circles this is not the popular answer. Many seem to have their way or the highway. Some kids can fly while others have quick feet and make saves upright. Some are going to de Gea their way through their career with a multitude of saves using their feet and calves while others will have safer hands than that famous insurance provider.

For every technical robot there will be an unconventional save-maker who gets the job done. My point to all of this is that as the game changes, and as the position changes, it is important for us as educators of the position to stay alert to the modern trends and pay mind to the way others are playing and training their goalkeepers. At the end of the day, by opening our minds to certain techniques and offering those ideas to our goalkeepers we give them the opportunity to find what works for them.

(The 40-year History of the Beaver Dam Senior Center)

So even if I am not a master of the Joe Hart spread save, by introducing the technique to my goalkeepers, I may give them a tool that allows them to be the best that they can be. Here at No. Think about it, would you rather your child be standing as a left defender only touching the ball a few times during the course of the game? Or would you want them to get them involved in a diamond formation where they are constantly moving, constantly touching the ball, while constantly under pressure?

From the youngest age groups to the professional ranks; teams, leagues, and soccer organizations are now incorporating more small sided play into their practice plans. The reason is simple: more involvement. Joe Machnik. At No. On offense, we are encouraging a diamond shaped formation.

This formation stretches the field in length and width. With 4 players on the field, and one goalkeeper, everyone is not only touching the ball but will need to move off the ball and think ahead to be successful.

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No matter what position you play, you need to be able to handle the ball in pressure situations. In a 5 vs 5 game on a 40 yard long field, the pressure is high and the play is quick. The player needs to think about how to create the best scoring opportunity quickly. The first touch is crucial. A bad decision can send the opposing team immediately to a goal scoring opportunity on a quick counter attack.

Due to the small field, players learn that if they lose the ball, they must be the first one to try to win it back. The results we see week after week are amazing. In just a few days, we see players gain confidence on and off of the ball by learning from their mistakes that they made earlier in the week.

We see players picking their head up and looking to score from 20 — 30 yards out. We see the goalkeepers increase their communication and angle play because every player is dangerous with the ball at their foot in small sided games. The bottom line is: the more involvement in the play, the better one will become. Since the founding of No.

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The Physical, Psychological, Technical and Tactical components of soccer. We all had a sense of the physical and technical but struggled with the tactical and psychological. I took those concepts and from my personal experiences as a goalkeeper developed a training method if you will which relied on the need to have those components to be successful. And an attitude for which they could work in the psychological intimidation of opponents. I used to love the comments by parents after camp which were more about the campers improved training habits, love for the game, recognition of intrinsic values, improved behavior around the game, higher level of confidence etc.

A young Goalkeeper named Jon Busch was attending cam p and a few years later was asked to be on staff. Jon has had a storied playing career in college and in the professional ranks. We ask Jon to share is experience at No.

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That would have been around I went to Pennsylvania first time, then CT second and if there was a 3rd year also would have been CT. I did this for years also. Back then we would train 3 times a day and lectures in the evening. They taught us that to be successful in the game not only did you have to be physically tough but also mentally tough.


To be able to control your mind when your body wanted to give up, to keep working at your craft even when a mistake was made. As I went into college and then the pros I took these lessons and applied them even more. I never allowed myself to be outworked by anyone no matter if it was on the field or in the gym.

As a shorter goalkeeper I had to prove myself even more and be mentally tougher than any other goalkeeper because my height was always in question. These lessons I learned made me a very focused, driven Goalkeeper. I would not have had a year pro career without these early lessons from No.

My impressions of Doc were that he was a goalkeeping god. When he would show up and talk everyone was in awe. We hung on every word he said. He was the man when it came to goalkeeping at that time. As I got to know him, and his wife Barbara I realized how much they cared for all their staff and campers and how we were like their family.

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They are wonderful people and so caring. They have a special place in my heart even to this day for the opportunity they gave me. I am eternally grateful. Charlie attended the No. Charlie this past season played a pivotal role as the attacking Midfielder for his team and was selected All Conference first team and All State First team. Charlie also led the conference in goals scored last season and has become one of the conferences Elite Players.

The physicality and quickness of soccer in high school and college means that being technically good is not enough.

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One day we had a strength and conditioning coach come in and he did a clinic with us that improved our speed and running technique. As a player that relies more on my skill than speed, this clinic helped me bring another vital element to my game. This emphasis on speed also affected me mentally as it creates a mindset of playing quickly and sharpening my decision making. It is basically a series of one-minute stents which are physically challenging and exhausting.

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  • As the night goes on, the intensity does not drop but the stents just get harder. Therefore, the session made me mentally stronger because you have to push through the pain whilst still concentrating on the exercise. This is a session we also do during the high school season and it mimics the tiredness one feels towards the end of a game when it is crucial one can mentally and physically perform to the same level as in the first 5 minutes.

    It was awesome that after working all week to improve our game and condition ourselves, we were able to then show our abilities to actual college coaches. In addition, the standard of soccer was very high from the kids from camp, so it was great, competitive soccer.

    40 Remembered: (The 40-Year History of the Beaver Dam Senior Center)

    Come Join us this summer and be apart of over 85, campers who have made their mark on soccer fields across the country! Twitter has been a truly amazing resource for me as a coach over the last 5 years.

    Opening Beaver Dam

    I have been able to connect with coaches from across the country and across the pond to get new ideas, share my own and grow as a coach. One thing I try and impress upon my teams college and youth is to change the timeline of receiving the ball. Imagine how quickly your team would be playing if you presented them with this challenge every time you took the field at training.

    This is something I try and hammer home with my players during every session.