10 Hard to Learn Tips for Becoming an Advanced Report Studio Developer

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By selecting an individual query, you see how often that query is called over time and how long it takes. You also see what webpages use the SQL query and how it impacts their performance. Since Retrace is a lightweight code profiler and captures ASP. NET request traces, it even shows you the full context of what your code is doing. Below is a captured trace showing all the SQL queries and other details about what the code was doing.

Retrace even shows log messages within this same view. You can also see how many records were returned. It also provides multiple monitoring and alerting features around SQL queries. Pros: Detailed reporting across apps, per app, and per query. Shows transaction traces detailed how queries are used. Is always running once installed. This is sure to anger a lot of people but I can understand why Microsoft is doing it. This has been the common way for all Microsoft related technologies to expose diagnostic data. ETW provides much more flexibility.

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Pros: Easier to enable and leave running. Easier to develop custom solutions with.

Within the Azure Portal, you can get access to a wide array of performance reporting and optimization tips that are very helpful. It has some great basic reporting built into it.

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You can also select an individual query and get more details to help with SQL performance tuning. Pros: Great basic reporting. In Stock. Seller Inventory zk Condition: New.

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Seller Inventory M Ray Hogan. This specific ISBN edition is currently not available. View all copies of this ISBN edition:. Synopsis About this title This book is intended for beginning through intermediate Cognos Report Studio Developers who are looking to reach the advanced levels of development. From the Author : Note: The Bad reviewer for both of my e-books apparently did not read the First sentence of the book description.

About the Author : Ray Hogan is a 30 year hands on diverse technologist.

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VS Quick launch has been around since the version of Visual Studio. Here we go, the second tip is about using Visual Studio to navigate efficiently through your code in the context of large-scale projects. Indeed, working with many team members can result in hundreds of lines of code. Efficient navigation becomes vital in this context in order to improve productivity and Visual Studio is here to assist. In practice, two types of navigation can be identified: navigation in the whole project or solution and navigation between classes.

The VS Navigate To tool is similar to the quick launch box but instead searching in the menu we are searching in the opened solution or project. A list of propositions will appear. Then, select your file and hit Enter. The selected file will be displayed in the workspace.

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The second type is Peek to Definition. This option will display the definition of your call on the same opened window. Right click on the class and choosing Peek to Definition. VS will write the code for you and guide you to fill it properly.

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  • How do you use this feature? Generate a full class property using propfull and hit tab; then navigate between the property properties type and name with tab. Using shortcuts is one of the most important and efficient methods to being more productive and speeding up your development. You are not obliged to remember all the shortcuts, but there are some that you should know. If you'd like to check out all the Visual Studio shortcuts, check this link.

    Visual Studio is an extendable tool that allows you to install many modules and components via the extension marketplace. Productivity Power Tools is a powerful productivity extension that includes a lot of tools like solution explorer filters, tab coloration, code formatting, etc. Over a million developers have joined DZone.