Dead Cat Bounce

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The Dead Cat Bounce Back Strategy

It's a stock market term, I believe. What it's talking about is the fact that even a stock that is essentially worthless and really going nowhere but down for ever can register a slight upward movement, just for a bit, because there is generally a floor for almost everything.

Dead C.A.T Bounce - Nothing To Say (The Chaotic Remix)

The comparison rests on the fact that even when a cat hits the pavement from forty stories high and dies instantly, it'll still bounce back up a little. Those stocks see their price drop at least 15 percent in one session. Our in-depth tools give millions of people across the globe highly detailed and thoroughly explained answers to their most important financial questions.

Bulkowski's Dead-Cat Bounce

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What it is:. How it works Example :. Why it Matters:. Popular Now. What is a Small-Cap Stock? October is living up to its infamous reputation as a volatile month for stocks with major indexes down sharply and there is likely more pain ahead for investors, according to one prominent Wall Street analyst.

The Dead Cat Bounce of Investing

Market technicians view moving averages as a dividing line of bullish and bearish momentum in an asset. We think attempts to rebound were more short lived than sustainable.

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Value investing typically refers to concentrating in shares of companies trading below certain intrinsic measure. Read : This troubling trend may wreak havoc on the stock market, analysts warn.

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  4. Is a technical rally sustainable or just a dead cat bounce??
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  6. Often, capitulation lows are retested. The longer the market trades under 2, the more likely it is to retest 2, The contrasting views from the two market observers underscore the conflicting factors driving the market with fears about higher interest rates and unresolved trade friction offset by relatively solid earnings and a robust economy.